Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs Newsletter 

                                                                    July/August 2019

                   By working together, our gardens grow, our friendships grow and our Council grows.


From the President’s Pen
Officers and Trustees
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From the President’s Pen
Greetings to our garden club members and friends,
It gives me great pleasure to say Thanks to all of our member clubs for their continued support of our Council. Thank you for attending our annual celebration awards and installation of officers gala, and all of the wonderful open meetings, flower shows, garden tours and more this year.
As we begin a new year, I want to encourage each of you to reach out to members of Green Thumb and Landscrapers club members. Extend a welcome to visit your clubs for fun, learning and fellowship as they will be dissolving their clubs. Thank you club members for your loyalty, gifts, and enthusiasm for the Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs.

The CCGC Board welcomes Jill Rogers, Vice-president, Ann Sheffield, Treasurer, and Gail Marshall, Secretary. Iris Grieswell will be returning as Corresponding Secretary and I, Mary Hollins will serve my final year as President. Gail Marshall will also be serving as the Director of District 3. We all need your support and input to do the jobs we have committed to do.

Finally, I wish to thank Barbara Miller outgoing Vice President, and Dorothy Chin outgoing Treasurer for their hard work and dedication to our council.
Please save the date for our first Council meeting of the 2019-2020 year: Wednesday August 28th. All are invited to join                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mary Hollins


Calendar of Upcoming Events – Dates, place and times are given on the calendar. Additional information is found in the appropriate sections. Any events placed in the newsletter are open to all Council members. If there is a fee it will be noted. Flower and garden related events in the Charlotte area are noted at the end of the newsletter.

August 28, 2019 – Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs Meeting – 1:00 – 3:00, All CCGC Members and Associate Members are invited. Presidents and Council Reps are especially encouraged to come. See details following.

September 9 and 10, 2019 – Garden Club of North Carolina Fall Board Meeting will be held in Statesville on Monday and Tuesday – Susan Hooper will be giving a program on holiday flower designs Monday night.

October 30, 2019 – Auction and Meeting: Wednesday, 1:00 – 3:00 – Meeting and fun fundraiser with auctioneer Gail Marshall.
November 2. 2019 – Plant Sale: Saturday, 8:00-1:00 – Hopefully lots of plants from our fellow members’ and friends’ gardens. A great time to plant in the Piedmont area.

Officers and Trustees
President – Mary Hollins, University City Garden Club
Vice President – Jill Rogers, Sardiswood Garden Club

Recording Secretary – Gail Marshall, Flower Power Garden ClubTreasurer – Anne Sheffield, Sedgefield Garden Club
Corresponding Secretary – Iris Grieswell, Green Thumb Garden Club – If you know of someone in the Council who is sick, has had surgery or has passed away, please contact Iris with person’s name, garden club affiliation, type of card needed, and name of person making request.
• Land line 704-365-1539 (can leave a message)
• Cell phone 704-577-0658 (can text me)
• E-mail

The following cards have been sent.

1. Sedgefield Garden Club – thank you card for the donation of a 50 inch smart tv in celebration of the club’s 70th anniversary.
2. Landscapers Garden Club – thank you card for a monetary donation, part of which will be used to purchase a bush for the Council garden, and marker which will be placed near the bush.
3. Green Thumb Garden Club – thank you card for a monetary donation.

Trustees – Mary Beth Collins, Charlotte Herb Guild,  Chairperson

Please notify Mary Beth Collins {704-877-6005) with any large house issues (ex: plumbing, heating etc.), Gerry Blake (704-454-5890) with smaller house issues (ex: dead batteries, cleaning etc.), and Carol Glasshoff (704-553-8207) with any rental requests.

Council News and Announcements
Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs Meeting – August 28th 1:00 – 3:00 – Come help us kick off a new year of gardening club activities. We will be discussing the events of the coming year and handing out yearbooks and introducing new presidents. We will also have great refreshments, a short program on creating a “Sanctuary” indoors or out, and a door prize or two.

Our Thanks to Green Thumb and Landscrapers – Over 100 years of combined service

Two clubs decided to disband: Green Thumb and Landscrapers. “The reasons are many, but those in both clubs will remember their many accomplishments and lasting friendships formed over the years,” said Pat Rodgers, past president of Landscrapers and a CCGC Trustee.
Green Thumb was formed in 1971 and became federated in 1972. One of its original members, Sally Abrams, was still active in the club.
The Newcomers Garden Club was organized in 1963. The name was changed to Landscrapers in 1967 with the club becoming federated in 1970.
Both clubs have made generous donations to CCGC. Green Thumb gave $100, while Landscrapers donated $400 to assist the Betty Little House. A portion of Landscrapers’ donation, up to $100, will be used to purchase a plant for the garden. Underneath the plant will be a stone in honor of the club. Dimetry Loren, president, presented the donation to Mary Hollins, CCGC president, during the July 2 meeting of the CCGC board.
Fall Plant Auction and Sale: (There will not be an attic sale this fall. Keep saving your items for a sale in the spring.)
Auction and Meeting: Wednesday, October 30, 2019: 1:00 – 3:00 – We will be auctioning special plants from friends’ gardens or plants purchased and donated by individuals or clubs. Although the date is a bit late, it is still a great time to plant almost anything in our area. We will have a short meeting, refreshments and then auctioneer extraordinaire, Gail Marshall, will auction the plants. Any plants left will be included in the sale on Saturday.
Plant Sale: Saturday, November 2. 2019: 8:00-1:00 – Please save plants you divide in the coming weeks for the plant sale to benefit CCGC and the Betty Little House. Without an attic sale we will need lots of plants. If you can’t dig plants, but wish to donate them from your garden, let Jill Rogers know and someone will do the digging. If you no longer have plants to share, perhaps you have friends with gardens who would like to thin out some of their plants.
More details will follow about both of these events.

Club News, Invitations and Announcements

Sedgefield Garden Club Celebrates 70th Anniversary
This marks the 70th year of service for the Sedgefield Garden Club. Congratulations!
At CCGC’s annual meeting in May, Samantha Pendergrass, president of the Sedgefield club, announced the donation of a 50-inch smart TV to the Betty Little House as part of organization’s anniversary activities.
This smart TV has enhanced video and presentation capabilities, which will help CCGC member clubs and other groups that meet at the Betty Little House.

Library Corner – We would like to thank Grace Brown for the years she has been librarian. Her willingness to pull books for us, keep an eye on books coming and going and doing book reviews is very much appreciated. Grace is stepping down this year to spend more time with her grandson. We will miss her.
A group of Council Officers will be going through the books and pulling some that will be available for purchase at the August meeting. We will also be reorganizing the library. Keep a lookout as to how we will handle borrowing books in the future. We will also be developing some guidelines as to the use of the library equipment and supplies.

Blue Star Memorial – Iris Grieswell will be taking over the chairmanship of the Blue Star Memorial. THANK YOU IRIS! She and Jill Rogers have been deadheading, weeding and cleaning up around the daylilies. Judy, one of the staff in the Welcome Center, has a special interest in our garden and has been doing weeding and cleanup on a regular basis. If you are ever there, please make a point of thanking her.
The pollinator garden is looking very nice with some additional plantings. We are hoping it will eventually be designated as a Monarch Waystation.
Iris is hoping to have a regular crew who will work in the garden every few months. Please contact her if you are interested.

Be on the watch for Spotted Lanternfly!
Spotted Lanternfly is a highly invasive insect pest that’s currently in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and northern Virginia. This pest has not yet been sighted in North Carolina but early detection is critical.
** It has an enormous host range, and is particularly devastating to grapes.
** Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima), an invasive plant found throughout North Carolina and much of the U.S., is its preferred host plant.
** Of equal concern is the copious amounts of honeydew these gregarious insects secrete — attracting ants, wasps and black sooty mold to neighborhoods and businesses.
If you think you’ve seen Spotted Lanternfly, submit a photograph to with details. If traveling through quarantine areas in the northeast, check your vehicle for the insects. As an extra measure, take vehicles through the car wash before returning to North Carolina.



Associate Club News and Announcements – This section is for associate clubs to share information and announce events and sales.

Charlotte Garden Club – All programs are open to the public unless otherwise noted. Guests are welcome and encouraged to join and/or make a donation. Meetings are held at the Mint Museum of Art, 2730 Randolph Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211 (click for map and directions). Refreshments are served at 6:30 p.m., programs begin at 7:15 p.m.
September program open only to current Charlotte Garden Club members.

Piedmont Daylily Club invites CCGC members to attend their meetings on the third Saturday of the month with free breakfasts starting at 9:00 at Carmel Road Presbyterian Church, 2048 Carmel Road, Charlotte. Questions contact Mitchell Hagler at
Daylily Regionals are being hosted by the Piedmont Daylily Club September 20th and 21st.
District, State, Regional and National Announcements

Garden Club of North Carolina – Remember to purchase your 2020 calendars to help fund scholarships for deserving horticultural students. Please contact your club president or a Council board member to purchase one.
September 9 and 10, 2019 – Garden Club of North Carolina Fall Board Meeting will be held in Statesville on Monday and Tuesday – Susan Hooper will be giving a program on holiday flower designs Monday night.

National Garden Club – The New National Garden Clubs president, Gay L. Austin, will be focusing on “fostering local gardening projects that conserve and preserve natural resources and encouraging young people in communities to assist in those efforts”. As we plan our projects and programs this year we might want to keep this focus in mind.

Charlotte Area Garden Events of Note

UNCC Botanical Gardens – Fall plant Sale – Members preview sale- Thursday, 10/3, noon – 3 pm. Open to the public October 4-5, 2019 9am-3pm

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens – Grandiflora: Gamrath Glass
Opening May 24th and continuing through the summer, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is thrilled to celebrate its 20th anniversary with the announcement of an awe-inspiring, larger-than-life botanical glass exhibit, Grandiflora: Gamrath Glass at the Garden. Guests will be mesmerized this summer by dozens of vibrant sculptures by Seattle-based artist Jason Gamrath including towering 10-foot orchids, vivid pitcher plants, energetic Venus flytraps and more. The garden’s annual beds will feature big, bold, beautiful plants with large flowers and leaves to complement Gamrath’s sculptures.

Butterfly Bungalow – Also coming this May 25th to Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens
Enter a pollinators’ paradise abundant in fluttering butterflies native to North Carolina and a colorful display of their favorite plants. Explore the life cycle of a butterfly and witness metamorphosis before your own eyes. Learn all about the species of butterflies in your own backyard and how to best attract these stunning, nectar-loving insects.

Wing Haven – Wing Haven offers a number of events and programs for adults, children and families – everything from seasonal events to lecture series and story times to social gatherings. You can see all the events and programs by going to

Please send Jill Rogers any news, invitations or other important information you wish to include in the newsletter.