1        Award applications are due to the Awards Chairman by May 1.

2         No club or individual can win the same award two consecutive years.

3        Awards will be presented at the Council’s Annual Meeting in May

Anne L. Crawford Club President’s Award

Established April 1, 1986

Sponsor: Eastover Garden Club

               The Eastover Garden Club in memory of their founder, Anne L. Crawford, gives this award. An award of $25.00 is presented to the Federated Club President, who during her term of office, shall score the highest on the following:


1        Attending at least three Council meetings during the year (15 points)

2        Attending all Council meetings during the year (15 points)

3        Making sure two representatives from her club are present at each Council meeting (10 points)

4        Attending the Council Club Presidents’ Workshop or Reception (10 points)

5        Actively helping with any annual money-raising Council- sponsored event (10 points)

6        Serving as a Hostess for the Council’s Flower Show (10 points)

7        Serving as a Chairman of any division of Council Flower Show (20 points)

8        Attending the Council Luncheon in May (10 points)

9        Attending the District meeting (5 points)


There is a total of 105 points. In case of a tie, the Board of the Eastover Garden Club will choose the winner.

Nominations must have a cover sheet listing the nominee and garden club.

Sponsors: Eastover Garden Club

The Joan Lam Memorial Award

Sponsor: Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs, Inc.

               A $25.00 cash award will be given in memory of Joan Lam to the club having the best beautification project and/or educational program at an elementary or middle school during the year. A written report is required.

Woman of The Year Award

Sponsor: Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs, Inc.

            An appropriate award and certificate are given to the woman who has made the most contributions with distinction, initiative, and leadership as a Federated Garden Club member toward carrying out the plans and objectives of the Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs, Inc. This Award will be judged by a secret ballot of the Board of Directors of the Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs, Inc. and is presented by the Council President at the Annual Luncheon. This is an award of $100.

Garden Lovers Of Mountainbrook Yearbook Award

Established 2002

Sponsor: Garden Lovers of Mountainbrook Garden Club

            A $25.00 award will be presented yearly to the club with the yearbook that best reflects the purpose and activities of the club and is most useful for its members. Yearbooks do not have to meet requirements for the state yearbook awards. The Council Awards Chair and a committee from Garden Lovers of Mountainbrook will judge yearbooks. One copy of the yearbook should be submitted to the Awards Chair.

Yearbook should contain:

1        Page giving name of organization and year

2        List of club members with addresses and phone numbers and any other information the club needs

3        List of programs with descriptions

Yearbook may contain any other information that the club deems useful or informative for its members.


The Far Corners Bird Appreciation Award

Established 1988

Sponsor: Far Corners Garden Club

               An award of $25 and a certificate, given by Far Corners Garden Club, is offered to promote interest, concern, and appreciation for birds of all kinds.

Qualifying bird conservation project(s) could include study of birds, bird programs, bird feeders, birdbaths, birdhouses, and/or the planting of bird-attracting horticulture.

Application by an individual(s) or a club should be a typed report with evidence, submitted to the Council Awards Chair and two Far Corners representatives.


Gardener of the Year Award

Established in 2002

Sponsor: Susan Hooper

            This award of $25 will be presented annually to a club member who has best demonstrated her love of gardening through sharing of time, knowledge, and/or plant material with other club members and who has made a special contribution to the garden at the Betty Little House. Contributions may include gift of plant material, design work, maintenance, etc.

A report, up to one page, should be submitted to the Awards Chair. Recipient will be chosen by a committee consisting of the Awards Chair, Council President, Chair of the Trustees, and Grounds Chair.



Sardiswood Award For Therapeutic Gardening

Established in 1972

Sponsor: Sardiswood Garden Club

               “Finding Health in a Garden” was the title first used for garden therapy. Working with nature helps relieve tensions, provides a sense of purpose, and aids the process of healing mind and body. This is the essence of garden therapy.

Therapeutic gardening is a very rewarding project that shows love and concern for those in need. In addition to working in a garden, one might supply shut-ins with flowers, seeds, and bulbs they can plant or observe grow. Workshops or assistance can be offered to 1) the blind, 2) mentally or physically handicapped, 3) shut-ins in hospitals, convalescent homes and prisons. Age makes no difference.

Sardiswood Garden Club presents this award, given in memory of Tina Robinson, annually to a worthy individual or club. Send to the Council Awards Chair a detailed report, which may include photos, project date, and time, and number of participating members. The award is a certificate and $50.



Charlotte-Mecklenburg Tree Canopy Award

Established 2012

Sponsor: Pat Rodgers

            This award is presented to the garden club whose members plant the greatest number of trees in Charlotte-Mecklenburg from October 1, 2012 through April 30, 2013 on private property; including residences, schools, churches and business. A typed report listing the number of trees, species and site location is required. Photos may be included but are not necessary. The award is a certificate and $25.


Garden Club Of The Year Award

Established 1978

Sponsor: Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs, Inc.

This award is presented to the garden clubs showing the greatest support of, and interest in, the Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs, Inc. Two awards are given: 1) Small garden club of under 20 members; 2) Large garden club of 20 or more members.

Applications will cover the year May 1 through April 30. When applying for this award, please do so with the knowledge that the majority of your club members have actively participated in the Council and also Council-sponsored activities. All applications should be documented with dates, places, etc.   Each club is to mail the Point Rating Sheet (which follows) to the Council Awards Chair. The winning club in each category will receive a certificate and a check for $50.00.

Rating List For Point Scoring This Award:

1        Members attending Council meetings – 1 point for each club member attending each meeting

2        A club member serving on the Board of Directors and/or the Trustees – 15 points

3        A club member serving as a committee chair and/or District or State Chair or Council officer – 10 points

4        Members entering designs in Council Flower Show – 10 points each design

5        Members entering horticulture in Council Flower Show – 5 points each specimen or potted plant

6        Club member actively working on Council Flower Show – 2 points per member

7        Monetary contribution to Council – 10 points each contribution

8        Donation of money to any NC state-sponsored program – 2 points per program

9        A club member participating in workshops – 2 points per member

10    Club members assisting in Council’s money-making projects, such as: (a) bulb sales, (b) plant sales, (c) garage or rummage sales, (d) raffle tickets, etc. – 5 points per participating member

11    A club member going to a hospital, nursing home, or school to participate in a garden therapy project – 5 points per member per visit

12    Application for State and Council Awards – 2 points per application

13    Donation of new book to Council library – 2 points per book

14    A club member giving a garden-related program for a club or organization – 2 points per program

15     Describe any Council activities not listed above and the number of club members participating (Examples: Flower Show Schools, District 3 and/or State Meetings, Symposiums) – 2 points per member participating in each activity.

16     Documentation and forms should be included under a cover letter showing club name and date.

Landscrapers Community Service Award

Established in 2004

Sponsor: Landscrapers Garden Club

           An award of $25 and a certificate is given to the club or individual that has demonstrated an active role in helping our community through garden-related projects at schools, churches, or businesses.

Applicants should submit to Council Awards Chair a report detailing the ways in which their community service project(s) has assisted the community. Landscrapers Garden Club will select the recipient.


The Carmen Garnand Award

Established in 2001

Sponsor: Sedgefield Garden Club

            Sedgefield Garden Club established this award in memory of beloved member Carmen Garnand. This $25.00 award is presented annually to a garden club member who best represents the gardening ideals for which Carmen stood. Carmen inspired, taught, and encouraged Sedgefield members to enjoy and share their flowers and gardens. She encouraged Sedgefield members to participate in the club’s many activities, the activities of the Charlotte Council and The Garden Club of North Carolina.

A written report should be submitted to the Council Awards Chair, who with Sedgefield Garden Club will determine the winner.


Jean Parker Lifetime Service Award

Established in 2005

Sponsor: Barbara Miller

            This award will be presented to a currently active Council member who, over a period of years, has continually participated in and contributed to the Charlotte Council. She will have been involved in various facets of Council activities and responsibilities at many different levels. This $25 award and certificate will be judged by the current Board of Directors.


Friendship Garden Club Native Plant Award

Established in 2006

Sponsor: The Friendship Garden Club

An award of $25 and a certificate will be presented to the club that has demonstrated the most well rounded program for the preservation of native plants. This should include education through programs and 75% of the club membership growing native plants. Extra consideration will be given to monetary donations for the preservation of native plants and for support of state-sponsored programs


Neighborhood Service Award

Established in 2008

Sponsor: Judy Barnes

               An award of $25 and a certificate will be given to the club or individual who demonstrates an ongoing commitment to beautification of their neighborhood or community. This may include work with medians, common areas, neighborhood parks, or swim clubs.

A written report, up to one page, should be submitted to the Awards Chairman by the established date. Pictures may be included but are not required.


Youth Poster Contest

Established in 2008

Sponsor: Shirley Dromms

      A Poster Contest to promote an interest in gardening and the environment for youth. Open to Charlotte area children from the ages 5 through 12. There are two divisions, ages 5 – 8 and 9 – 12. Each entry must be original work. Posters should be 11 X 14 inches in size. Name, address, telephone number and age should be on back lower right corner. First place winners receive a certificate and a $10 cash prize to be awarded at the CCGC Annual Meeting in May. Specifics for each year are announced annually and appear in the CCGC yearbook

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