Children’s Corner

One of the special things you can do for a child is introduce them to nature! Being outdoors and learning about nature is educational and healthy. Do you remember making clover chains or leaf crowns? Or perhaps you remember making a blade of grass whistle.

Here are some suggested ways to share nature with a child:

  • Plant a garden. This teaches them to take care of things. It will educate them on the beauty of flowers and, if you plant a vegetable garden, they may be more willing to eat their vegetables.
  • Go camping (even it is only in the backyard). Being in the outdoors gives them a chance to relax and get rid of the stress of everyday activities.
  • Encourage them to play outside when the weather is nice. Get them away from the computer!
  • How about a hike or bike ride. Great exercise for everyone. While you are hiking, have a scavenger hunt for all the things that nature provides.
  • Take time to just sit outdoors in a quiet place and listen to the sounds. What do they hear? Or look up at the clouds and see what kind of shapes they see. Perhaps they can write a story about what they hear and see.
  • Plant a tree and watch it grow as they grow.
  • Go to a farm and pick apples, strawberries or blueberries.
  • Do rubbings of tree bark or leaves.
  • Collect rocks and paint designs on them.
  • Climb a mountain.
  • Visit a nature center.


How to make a Clover Chain:

Pick some long stemmed white clover. Make a slit in the stem and thread another clover through. Continue this process until you have a chain long enough to make your necklace. Make a larger hole and then pull the first blossom through the hole like a button through a buttonhole.

How to Make Grass Whistle:

Use a wide blade of grass. The ornamental grasses will work also. Hold the blade with both hands, stretching it between the tips and bases of your thumbs. With your lips against the space just below your thumb knuckles, blow very hard into your hands across the inside of the opening to make it whistle.