The Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote interest in all areas of gardening and to provide education to the general public.


The Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs invites you to join one of our garden clubs or get together with your friends and start one.  We would be glad to help with the start-up or to help you find a club that meets your interests.

Garden clubs work to improve our community and educate our members.  We are concerned about the environment and conservation of natural resources.  Club programs include information on horticulture, flower arranging, birds, butterflies, landscape design and many other topics of interest to gardeners.  We also have Youth clubs that offer children the opportunity to dig, plant, grow and learn about the environment.

Our association with the National Garden Club and The Garden Club of North Carolina gives us access to many programs and activities.

Come to our  meetings and meet some others interested in gardening.  Take the opportunity to make some new gardening friends!